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I was a skeptic of Cullen Cables. After all, very much every cable manufacturer out there claims his cables to be the greatest. Some of them are sold at ridiculous prices, costing as much as a car!

Cullen cables are priced within the reach of common folks. Furthermore, there is a 30 day money back guarantee, so I figured that I didn't have much to loose. I purchased Patrick Cullen's XLR interconnects and speaker cables thinking that I would probably end up returning them after trying them out in my system. Boys, I was wrong! Forget about their prices for a moment. His XLR interconnects sound as good as the MIT Oracles! His speaker cables sound as good as the pricey AQ and Kubala! When you consider how much Patrick's cables are sold for, their performance / price ratio is astounding!

I have no affiliation with Cullencable. For the performance / price point, his XLR interconnects and speaker cables are hard to beat! I am going to try his Crossover series power cable next. I am a skeptic of power cable making an improvement in sound, but hey, with the 30-day money back guarantee, I have nothing to loose!
Why would anyone in their right mind pay such prices for an XLR or Speaker cable? What about power cables, it that a joke? let's be serious, are we playing pin the tail on the donkey? I guess there's plenty of Donkey out there. Broadcasters, Post Facilities nor recording studios would consider such products.If you are serious about your audio all you need to do is google; Belden, Canare or gepco and Neutrik that's what the pro's use.. Everything else is just noise.
Seamsater969. Your first post here and you are trolling the community right off the bat. Real nice. Check the A'gon archives and you will find your points have been debated at length through the years. The poster of this thread believes Cullen Cables benefited them. Just leave the guy alone.

Search the archives for Mogami Studio Gold and you will find a lot of the debates. I use combinations of pro audio cables (Mogami, Kopul, Canare) a long with Morrow Audio, DH Labs, MAC (My Audio Cables) and have no problems at all. All are well built and I feel worth the money I paid.
I am pretty conservative when it comes to cables and interconnects.

However, I decided to try a pair of Cullen Cable Midline Crossover Series RCA Interconnects between my my Ric Shultz modified Oppo 105 and my Prima Luna and W4S preamps.

I could hear a bit of a difference and it was an improvement in the treble. Seemed cleaner.

I personally think the snake oil starts to come out with speaker cables. Having said that, I removed the speaker wire connectors and plugged the bare wire (thicker than lamp cord) into my stock Maggie 3.6's and again, to my surprise - a difference in the highs, for the better I think. is not a blind test but my system is fairly resolving so....?!
Cable is no different than any component in your system. they are part of the electronic equation. All Circuit components have impedance and cables also have an impedance value, called characteristic impedance. Different cable = Different valve = Different sound = Different $$$$.....
Cable act as an equalizer to manipulating the sound of intent and change the music individually. It will be different and not better.
I am sorry to offend Seaslave, I mean Seamaster. I agree with her that the lamp cords would work well in her Bose system!

I have compared various cables and Yes, they do sound different. I also found out that the more expensive cables are not necessarily the better ones.

I was not a power cord believer. It never makes sense to me that power cord would make a difference in sound, but it does although the degree of improvement is audible but not huge.

I would suggest that someone like Seaslave keep an open mind and may be she would learn something. But again, if your system is Bose then perhaps you should stick with lamp cords and at the same time announce to the world that you are a pro, just to make yourself feel better.
After all that, back to the subject matter Cullen cable, I recently bought two crossover PC's for my W4S Dac1 and STI500.I was very happy w/ the results. I also used one of the cords previously w/ a Simaudio i1 w/ good results So I emailed Patrick to see if he also made crossover IC'c and SC since they were not on his site. Lucky for me he does and I ordered a pair of crossover XLR. I am thrilled w/ these IC's and I have had many. they are just so right w/ my system. Whether it is fortuitous that it has such synergy w/ W4S products whose to say. After all Patrick is the son of Rick of W4S.I have been listening to music for days