Cullen or Triode Wire Labs power cord?

Am about to pull the trigger but have some last minute doubt between:

— Cullen Cables Crossover II $379
— Triode Wire Labs The Obsession $1,399

Am curious whether Triode is worth 3.5 times the money.

Would love to hear your (indirect) experience with these cables.
I use the cheapest Triode model and they work fine.  The 12 plus & Ten plus.  They are 10 years old & have never moved since plugged in.
I like and build. 
Editorial:  I would rather fly to Hawaii for the $1399 he is asking for the Obsession model. But maybe it would be worth it to you.
You picked two power cords that are way far in price 😂

As the others have said, Triode Wire Labs have other power cords in the line up that are cheaper. You cannot possibly go wrong with either one of them.

Another suggestion is Shunyata Venom NR v10 or v12
I used both brands and both cables you mentioned in my system before. As thyname said, TWL Obsession and Cullen Crossover II are not in the same price range so it’s not really an apple to apple comparison. I personally prefer TWL power cords and I’d suggest you to give their 7 Plus or Digital American HP a try. These 2 power cords sound good to my ears and they’re in the $400 price range (used). 
Don't forget about LessLoss C-Marc. I may be picking up 1 or 2 of those cables today. Would love to see a Presidents Day sale.
I have owned Cullen. They're good, but..
I suggest you look into Underwood HiFi PCs