Cullen Modded Sonos vs Monarchy DIP

Anyone have any experience with comparing the Cullen Sonos ZP80/90 reclocker mod to using a Monarchy DIP??? I'm using a DIP now and thinking of getting one of my ZP80's modded to simplify things but am wondering if one might sound better than another.. thoughts??
Response Audio is working on Sonos mods as well.
Bill is a gent and will answer your questions regarding his mods ideas if you call or email him directly.

RWA might come up with battery power supply for Sonos, Squeeze box etc.
We have talked about it and other ideas but this one might actually see the light.

Disclosure - affiliation with RWA and Bella EXtreme
Let us know when you are up and running with a Sonos mod. Please give any details you can. I'm interested in hearing all about it.
I had Cullen modify his ZP90 to accept a master clock input from a Big Ben Apogee clock. The sound is exceptional and close to my CEC TLOX transport. I tried Antelope Audio Isochrone OCX-V clock but did not like the sound. The DAC that it ports to is the Accustic Arts tube DAC.
I have been using the Cullen modified ZP90 with his reclocker for almost a year. I use the ZP90 with iTunes located on a Netgear Ready NV+ NAS (4TB) and with the SONOS SPDIF into a Northstar 24/196 DAC.

Sound is really excellent with the SONOS. I have compared the server sonics withe the same CD track on my Marantz SA11S1. Cannot discern any difference in sound.

I have even imagined the sonics as better with the SONOS but I doubt that it is.

As a bonus, the SONOS controller is my iTouch...excellent match.
Gsherwood53--what file format are you using for your rips? Currently I have everything ripped in ALAC format, but I'm considering reripping in AIFF. I don't really like the WAV format as it only supports navigating in a file-folder structure from the Sonos controller. I'm using a stock ZP80 into a PS Audio DL3, then on to a Cary SLP-03 pre and Mac MC252 amp.
I considered that. For similar money though I bought a Musical fidelity DAC off A'gon that sounds quite good.