Cueing problem

I just had my cartridge replaced, and to make a long story short, when I lower the lever to place the stylus on the record, it gets near the record and then veers off to the outside before it reaches the vinyl. Even when I place the stylus on the lead-in portion of the record very gently, the tone arm wants to fall off to the outside of the platter and won't stay in the groove.

I'll be taking the TT (Clearaudio Concept) back to the place that changed the cartridge (Shelter 500 Mk II, tracking force set at 1.7g with a properly adjusted gauge), but in the meantime, does anyone have any ideas about the cause of this problem? The table is dead level, I made sure of that. Maybe anti-skating needs adjustment?
Adjust your anti-skate until it drops down pretty straight
I meant, of course, a Shelter 501 MK II . . . my bad.
Turn the anti-skate ot zero, there will still be plenty of anti skate force. Rega arms have very aggressive anti skate mechanisms. You also enjoy better sound quality.
Unless you personally adjusted the tracking force, re-check it just to see if it's correct or if indeed it had been adjusted at the place that changed your cartridge. I had a similar episode not long ago when I experienced a wandering tonearm every time I attempted to cue it down. I shook my head incredulously when I finally realized I had totally forgotten to adjust the tracking force.