Cudos to Brent Jesse

I needed a tube for a headphone amp that I own and contacted Brent Jesse since I had purchased from him in the past. I had a brand of 12AU7 I wanted but also asked Brent for suggestions of other 12AU7's that might more meet my needs. He suggested I get an RCA Clear top, and I went with his suggestion instead of my original idea. Well, that tube worked out extremely well and my headphones sound more liquid and realistic than ever before. The day the tube was scheduled to to be delivered, I was surprised to find not 1 but 2 boxes on my front porch. Turns out that Brent also shipped me a CBS Hytron and at no charge! What a guy! Just wanted to let those who don't already know what a quality guy Brent is, and an excellent tube vendor. Highly recommended!
I use Brent too and have never been disappointed. Andy from Vintage Tube Services also has great tubes at fair prices, but it can take several weeks to get them... whereas Brent Jesse ships within a few days.
It is always nice to see credit given where it's due.
Good report, Foster.
A while back I had a TAD-30 integrated and sourced some tubes from Brent Jessee and what he recommended was spot on. I just let him know my price range and what I was after and he did the rest. Great guy to deal with.

All the best,
You can tell he loves his work. He returns email inquiries quickly and his tube advice is invaluable. One time he told me not to order until the following week when he'd be back home with some fresh stock.
Yep, another satisfied customer here. He is very knowledgeable, and his prices are very good for what you get, which includes his knowledge base. I go to him first, then Upscale. But hey, Brent, how come you didn't send me any free tubes? :)
Thanks! for sharing- Foster9.
it is important to post both positive & negative experiences
when dealing w/ these businesses! Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
I have avoided doing business with him even though he is nearby because several years ago he refused to deliver in person, saying something about their insurance not allowing customers on the premises. I understand that, but what's the problem with agreeing to meet at the curb or at the corner when the customer calls five minutes before he arrives to make the rendezvous, for the purposes of immediate delivery and saving the shipping cost?

On the other hand Andy Bowman is great, even though it can take a while.
Cudos for Andy at Vintage Tube Services as well.
Brent Jesse is my goto guy for tubes. I also use Upscale and Brendan Biever at

Dan Wright recommended Brendan to me. His prices are a bit higher but very reliable and trustworthy. Usually ship following day after order. Just got some 13em7s from him and they are superb.
Jim McShane, Brent Jesse, Andy Bowman, Brendan Biever and Doug's Tubes are all great tube vendors. I've also had good luck with larger vendors like Tube Depot. I would never recommend Upscale Audio. My experience with them has been terrible. Others have had problems with Upscale as well.
Brent Jesse is the man! I needed a quad of tubes within .5 db of each other for my Thor 3000 phono stage. This was my first replacement since the preamp was new and the manufacturer is out of business. He found me some really nice NOS tubes that just put my phono side over the top in musicality. Besides being a serious tube guru, he is a true gentleman. He understood that although I wanted to try some NOS tubes, I really do not want to become a tube roller - I just wanted my preamp to sound good.

Highly recommended