Cube Audio speakers in Northern California?

My audiophile pal in Italy upgraded to Cube Audio speakers and is blown away with them.  I'd be keen to hear a pair if anyone near Sacramento or San Francisco  has a pair that they would allow me to hear.  I will be happy to bring refreshments to the audition.  Thanks. 


If you are willing to fly, I’m open to having you visit and audition. I’m in New Orleans (Metairie), fifteen minutes from Louis Armstrong International.

And SMF is a SouthWest terminal


MSY has a Southwest wing. King Cake or Beignet, your choice, comped. : )

david_ten4,805 posts 11-17-2021 1:07pm If you are willing to fly, I’m open to having you visit and audition. I’m in New Orleans (Metairie), fifteen minutes from Louis Armstrong International. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hey david, I'm 5 minutes from MYC, so he can visit you 1st, then come listen to my Dual DavidLouis gizmos. 2 FR experiences in one visit. David feel free to come listen to my Davidlous. I'll havea single DLVX8 now, in 2 weeks will have the duals up N running. I'm over in Kenner Bring your test cds.
david_ten4,805 posts 11-17-2021 1:20pm MSY has a Southwest wing. King Cake or Beignet, your choice, comped. : ) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ NO has the new airport taged as **world class** hahahahaha The road design stinks, 3rd world, Designed like all things in orleans, dysfunctional. Traffic jams thanksgiving and Xmas will be back up in every direction, Complete blocked , no one moving anywhere. Orleans is same old orleans, You can politicans designed the roads, like crack heads had a hand in it. The very worst part of the MSY inner road way is the short term parking entrance,,hahahaha, Its like blinck and you MISS IT, now you really have problems. 10 pay booths, one very sharp turn to enter. Crack heads designed the roads.

We use MSY at least two to three times a month. No issues. Vastly improved over the now defunct older airport. Will be even more so once the dedicated highway 'flyover' approach/exit ramps are complete. 

But I get your point. Wouldn't be NOLA without some cart before the horse theatrics.

Het david

I just took a closer look at Cube line of FR

I like some of the models,, Actually the lowest priced W8, at $2k a pair.


But I will say the Neo magnetic 81 tiny cylinders at 1480 grams is very impressive indeed, + the others with the **magnet motor structure** not sure what thet means.

But anyway I would like to come hear your Cube one day whenever you have time,,I could also bring over my Davidlouis VX8

Let me know when you have time

Just sent a  PM


David and Mozart,

I will say that New Orleans is my favorite vacation spot in the US, by far, no question.  To hook up with you both would be a delight, finally hearing the Cube speakers, which my friend that owns them is ecstactic about.   I will contact you fellas in a PM to see when it might work out for you both to let me hear your gear.  Yeah, honestly, I  have been looking for a reason to get back to NO and you have have given me a very good reason to go back, by far the most friendly city in the US, while amazing food choices.  Cheers and thanks for the offers.  

Yeah stop on over, I am 5 minutes , 1 mile from MSY

Hook up with David so you can hear the Cube and my Davidlouis

I just took a  closer look at Cube tonight,,seems Cube is the speaker i am after.

I know it will outperform the DLVX8...

Had i taken a  close look back when I ordered the Voxativ AC1A,, maybe would have chosen the Cube W8 at same cash.


The Cube W8 at just under $2k, is my next speaker project. 

Let me know when you  hook up with David, I have a  free schedule.

David is like 10  minutes from my home. 

@whitestix   Love that you are a fan of the New Orleans area!!!

Looking forward to connecting via PM.

NOLA Gents,

Sadly, I see the Upperline Restaurant in NO has closed.  I was way underdressed for my meal there a few years ago, but they let me in.  It was the first and last time I had turtle soup;  the rest of the meal and wine was grand, as was the service.  I would love to live in that area of the City... who wouldn't?      

We also liked Upperline. Take a look at Brigtsen's, as an alternative.

Cool.  So long as you avoid Ignacious J. Reilly's hot dog carts, it was my experience that you are always assured of a delightful meal in NOLA.  I ate so many fresh oysters at a nice place one night that I thought I would not eat again for  a week, but ended up in Brennan's for proper dining later, famished.

I will make this remarkable observation regarding both my last visits to NOLA: "from the time I landed at the airport until I got back on the outbound plane, I have never met such universally nice and accommodating people, super friendly and helpful to fault.  Nowhere in a large US city have I ever experienced such hospitality, not even close."   Way off topic so I will catch up with you fella on PM's... you have given me a fine reason to come back to NOLA.  ;-)

Since the thread has taken on a NOLA vibe...a 'Passing' and uniquely local history of note:

Lois Andrews

No joy in trying to to send you an email.  It is not possible?  

I PMed you about three or four days ago, No response so I'm assuming it didn't get there.

Alan, I responded. I received it, but you didn't recieve my PM. : )

I'll send it direct via email (to you).

Since it seems we cannot reciprocate via PM...

Here is another way to celebrate Recipe-Procating...this Thanksgiving

...New Orleans style:

New Orleans Thanksgiving Dishes