Cube Audio Nenuphar Single Driver Speaker (10 inch) TQWT Enclosure

Cube Audio (Poland) designs single drivers and single driver speakers. 

Principals are Grzegorz Rulka and Marek Kostrzyński.

Link to the Cube Audio Nenuphar (with F10 Neo driver) speaker page:

Link to 6Moons review by Srajan Ebaen (August 2018):


Parameters (from Cube Audio):

Power: 40 W

Efficiency: 92 dB

Frequency response: 30Hz - 18kHz ( 6db)*

Dimensions: 30 x 50 x 105 cm

Weight: 40 Kg

* Frequency response may vary and depends on room size and accompanying electronic equipment.
@charles1dad Definitely.  Agreed.  And it's clear from that thread that even the person who changed to WvLs still loved the Nenuphars.  

Interesting thing about my possible venture to build Cube Audio based head units for my Coincident PREs is that I could switch back and forth between two high quality presentations by just swapping out the head units (and changing what amps the bass cabs are connected to).
Hi cal,
Yes, that’d be an ideal option to have. Agree, both excellent ( Cube Audio/Coincident ) but quite different head units /monitors. I read the WBF link and and related thread on reasonable sized horn speakers for modest room dimensions.
Once a high quality level of speakers is reached everyone has their particular favorite brand. Some mentioned were,
Wolf Von Lang
Viking Audio
Odeon Audio
Diesis Audio
Tobias Sound Systems
Horning Audio

I would bet each one is excellent and will appeal to different tastes. So truly impossible to say one is clearly better than the rest.
Without question Cube Audio could easily be added to this list. Not a horn speaker but one that’s suited to similar amplifier requirements.
It just depends on what sonic characteristics one is pursuing.

They will all appeal to those listeners who are in the camp of high quality lower power amplifiers paired with high quality easily driven speakers..
Wish it was easier to hear everything...

I read a number of pages of this thread (starting from the end), and was getting very jealous at all of his listening experiences:
Yes KeithR has quite the extensive listening, ownership and auditioning history. On WBF there’s a core of about 12 to 15 people who contribute roughly 75- 80% of the posts and content. However they collectively have vast experience and  are consistently interesting to read. Morricab, bonzo 75, spiritofmusic, etc.

They can differ significantly in opinion from one another but the courteous mutual respect and appreciation never wavers. I admire that about them. Trolling isn’t nearly as pervasive on WBF as this site. There was a time when Audiogon had quite similar decorum.
Horning are pretty good but like Cube more, personally. No cross over makes a huge difference, it’s just a very difficult art to get the drivers to work over a wide bandwidth. Cube cracked it.