CTI 40th Anniversary cd Collection

I was in love with this label in the 70's!

It is available on Amazon.com

Remastered for the first time using the original two-track analog tapes, this brand new 4-CD set celebrates the vintage years of CTI, when a distinctive style and sound were born. Each disc represents an aspect of CTI s artistic personality straight-up jazz, big hits, the Brazilian influence and cool, classic sounds.

Over 5 hours of music showcase all the major artists on the CTI roster, both in solo performances and in the unforgettable collaborations that made each CTI album so distinctive.
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I love those CTI recordings as well. The new reissues I've picked-up so far sound great...that unmistakable CTI "sound", hot solos, fantastic grooves!!! (You better love them for the incredibly short play times. Usually 45 minutes or less.) The new mixes are warmer, less strident, than earlier CD issues. Clear and immediate presence.

I was disappointed that the 40th Anniversary "box" set didn't make better use of space to pay tribute to the Peter Turner cover art - especially since the packaging was LP sized.
Yesss! I forgot about the fantastic cover art of the CTI LP's back then. I haven't bought the box set yet, I will get it soon.
I ordered one and it was only $25.96 shipped.
Those remastered albums are also available individually. The sound quality is excellent and there are extra tracks on some of the. Stanley Turentine's "Sugar" is really terrific.
I also bought CTI reissue of Stanley Turentine's "Sugar" LP recommended on this site a couple of weeks ago and it is great.