CSNY Live 1974

In the never ending pursuit of new tunes, I was pleased to read about a 4 cd/dvd box set scheduled for release in July from CSNY. It captures 40 unreleased songs from their 1974 tour- 2 electric discs and 1 acoustic. Graham Nash produced and said that it took him four years to get everyone to agree on the songs and to meet Neil's demanding sound quality standards. Not to mention that it was early enough in their careers that they could all really sing.
Sounds promising, thanks for the "heads up". They were great together, and I still play the "4 Way Street" live LP quite often. The acoustic sides in particular have good sound.
I heard CS&N in NYC about 1.5 years ago, they were still able to sing, they surprised me in a very positive way, was a concert highlight for me.
Just because you're older doesn't mean you automatically can't sing or play anymore. You may not look as good doing it but usually you're a much better musician and if you didn't abuse yourself totally, the voice should still work up into the 70's anyway. Hell. McCartney still sounds great.
NOBODY sings as well at 70 as they do at 30 or 40--it's natural physical degradation. Range and flexibility decline. For some (McCartney, Fogerty) it's a little and for others it's a lot.
Other "maturation" factors can actually result in an improvement in areas for some singers, but you can't get past the "older muscles" factor. That's why you don't see Deion Sanders on the football field or Michael Jordan on the basketball court.
If you've heard Steven Stills lately, there is no denying that his voice is shot. And I mean really, really gone. However, he can still sling his axe pretty well.

And thanks for the heads up on this box set. The recordings come from a time when CSN&Y were one of the finest bands on the planet...

The last time I saw Fleetwood Mac, I believe that they demonstrated a neat trick to address this issue. Every time Stevie Nicks had to go to her highest registers, two "sound alike" back up singers joined in. They were subtle enough in the mix enough to preserve her timbre and the illusion that it was Nicks, but audible enough to convey the note.

I was impressed: The songs worked despite the natural decline in her voice and showed that a creative work-around can help diminish (tho not completely eliminate) this essentially inevitable problem.
Martykl- very interesting. Way better than lip-synching.
Saw Justin Hayward this past Thursday at Rams Head in Annapolis, MD.

His voice was as good as or better than ever, at least this night. I was impressed! I think he has a vocal style that lends itself to long term preservation. No vocal theatrics for the most part. He could be hit or miss on any given day even when younger. He is on tour a good part of each year every year still pretty much. I suspect he has learned how to deliver the goods people expect without burning out along the way. Pretty amazing really. I hope I can still do things well at that age.

He had a amazing young guitarist with him named Mike Dawes who opened solo and played with Justin along with a young lady on keyboard and backing vocals. It all worked perfectly. Dawes has a bright future ahead of him I think. Check out his videos on youtube.
We all want to remember iconic artists at their peak performing ability. The important point to me is that they created the body of original work in the first place. I am a huge Bryan Ferry fan and he turns 70 next year. He can't sing as well as he used to, but I will go see him every chance I get, because he is a consummate entertainer. So you might have to change arrangements a little bit because you can't hit the high notes anymore (or at least all the time)- big deal. Sometimes I like the new arrangements better than the original versions because, guess what, I am getting a little older too. A couple of years ago, I saw Robert Plant on the Band of Joy tour. The most memorable songs were from the Zeppelin catalogue. We all know what Plant could do as a front man for one of the biggest rock and roll bands on the planet. I found the arrangement of "Gallow's Pole" with Patty Griffin on background vocals and Buddy Miller playing guitar to be excellent and Plant seemed to be having a really good time as well. It must get old to be expected to sing the same songs every night to standards established 40 years ago. I think that we are lucky to still have CSNY around today and hopefully the box set will be a glimpse into the past using improved modern recording techniques.
Maxnewid- +1, and very well said. Was listening to Houses of the Holy late in to last night. I seemed to appreciate side 1 alot more than 2 for some reason. Perhaps my mood or just the fact I'm not getting younger. I saw CSN about 4-5 years ago, and greatly enjoyed them. Was it clear they were past their prime? Yes, but it was CSN. This summer, it's Jackson Browne,
Can't wait!
I remember seeing CSN&Y, The Beach Boys, and Joni Mitchell (feat. Jaco Pastorious!!!) back in the day! WHATASHOW!!
That does sound like an amazing show. Reminds me of the tour some of us on Agon saw in the late 60's--Beach Boys and Buffalo Springfield (Stills and Young).
I bought the deluxe limited edition LP and Blu-Ray set. It set me back $$ but what the heck. You gotta live.
Indeed, you gotta live. Congrats on the purchase, and don't forget to let us know how it is. Especially the LP (-: Cheers -Don
Maxenwid I completely agree with your last post. I saw CSN last night in Austin. It was awesome, powerful. Were their voices different, sure. But not worse. They sang wonderfully. Stills a little rougher, Crosby seemed a little deeper, Nash was good.
The arrangements were excellent, the band very good.
I thoroughly enjoyed it.

To all of my fellow Audiogoners who have ever loved Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young ..... get this boxed set ! It is fantastic ! Whether you are a fan of any of the boys singularly, in assorted duo combinations, as the original threesome, or as the full CSNY quartet, this set of fine musical performances will transport you back to one of the greatest concert runs of all time. Bravo and kudos to David, Stephen, Graham, and Neil. Thanks for the great tunes, the beautiful harmonies, and the wonderful memories.