Last Saturday evening in NYC, aging performers Crosby Stills and Nash; was not at all sure how the evening would go. It exceeded any expectation I might have dared. They were outstanding in all ways, sounded so great singing together or alone, Stills burned up the guitar, they performed for nearly three hours, cannot ask for more. Well worth the time to experience if and when.
CSN is like a fine wine that gets better with age.
Saw them a few months ago. Getting better may be an overstatement, but holding up pretty well. If you have a multi channel system, get "another Stoney evening" C&N only. It is a phenomenal recording.
The word is they are all getting along very well and they have an exceptional band perhaps their best ever. Happy people make happy performers. It doesn't hurt to have one of rock's best guitarist and a catalogue of great songs. Check out the blu ray DVD they recorded earlier in the year as it's essentially ths show you saw. I saw them in San Jose, CA, needless to say was excellent.