Crystal Clear Cables

Can anyone provide feedback on these cables. Looking at the master series xlr V2. Not much feedback available on line. Are CCC as good as Cardas Lightning - audio advisor?
I have one of their master class XLR and I must say it's one of the best I have used. Prior to the Crystal clear, I was using the AudioQuest and MIT but not anymore.
I started with the master class and now have the opus series they have a very natural and relaxed sound with loads of detail and extreme build quality plus Mel is a pleasure to work with. Good Luck
Mel is now putting together a pair of Magnum Opus XLR cables for my new McIntosh power amp.
I've just order the Magnum Opus Speaker cable. They look so well made and the feedback was very good by owners. Mel said 2 weeks to make them, so the wait begins. Will use between my McIntosh MC402 and my new built Quads ESL 63's. Electrostatic Solutions did a great job including a new power supply with muldof caps.
Interesting.The trade name "Magnum Opus" is used by Transparent Audio.
Phillyb, Please let us know how the MO sounds on your system. I connected my Magnum Opus between my MC601s and my C2300 Pre. and loving every moment.
Received my Magnum Opus speakers cables. In a word excellent. Sweet sounding, the bottom end is deep and tight and the midrange is clear, open with great body, the most important area the mid bass is there in great detail and definition. About the most balanced speaker cables I've heard in many years. This is a keeper, and this is not saying my past speaker cables were bad, they were not, but these do what many of them did in areas but are now all together in one cable. No matter what recording I pull they sound good, and some superb. I may on two the XLR's next and then perhaps one of Mel's power cords.

Just outstanding and more than fairly priced, I've owned others 5 times the price and they were the Oracle line of MIT. These match them in all areas and exceed them in the mids and highs. Bottom end I call a draw.
Miketuason. Thinking about the Magnum Opus XLR interconnects. I see he makes diffrent ones with different connectors, Cardas and others. Can you share your impression of the interconnects, break in time, and what is the best cable you owned and how would this compare. I know audio things are not night and day when things get real good, but the presentation can change, my main conern is brightness of silver interconnects.
Phillyb, My impression and experience with my Magnum Opus XLR interconnect are pretty much a carbon copy of what you've describe about your MO speaker cable. These cable are trully one of the best specially for the price. Also, I just want to add that I recently received my Magnum Opus speaker cables but I have not installed them yet can't wait them up. If these speaker cable will give me the same results as my IC and your speaker cables, I'm set for life. Mel said it will just get better as it breaks-in. What do you think?