Crystal Clear Audio vs. Stage III Concepts

Crystal Clear Audio "Magnum Opus" power cord and Stage III Concepts Vortex Prime — who's best?
Crystal Clear Audio (Magnum Opus)
Miketuason, of course I should ask you for details.
For the price, Crystal Clear Audio Cables are the only cables that I know uses the beat purity 5N on the Master Class model and 6N on the Magnum Oppus model. I have listened and compared them to lots of different brand like MIT, Kimber Cable, Audioquest, Transparent, and Nordost. To me, Crystal Clear is more refine, very clear, better sound stage, and very fast. The built quality is very heavy duty, durable, presentable, and very quiet.
But the Stage III is not MIT or Nordost. Have you heard it?
I have not heard of it. The 99.999999% (6N) pure silver conductor of Crystal Clear cable is really hard to beat.
Two nines is 99% if I'm not mistaken, this six nines is actually 99.9999%. (I am a technical guru.)
Geoffkait, yes, that's what I meant, thanks.
The Stage 3 Vortex Prime is no longer made with the introduction of his new line. You might be able to get a smokin deal from Aaudio on close-out. I have not heard the Crystal Clear cable but then likely not many have heard either line.
I own some of the Stage 3 line and a Kraken PC from his new line and it is amazing in my system....try to compare the Prime to the cheapest in the new line and the Crystal and go from there. Remember cables are highly system dependent and you won't know until you do this trial in your own set-up.