Crystal Cable with Cary and Proac

I intend to buy a second hand Cary 805AE or 211AE Power amps and Cary SLP-05 Pre Amp. And a new Esoteric X-03SE CD/SACD player.
I already have the Proac Response 2.5 loudspeakers and Crystal cable Piccolo and Micro interconnects.
Has anyone have any experience with Crystal Cables? Would you think that using the Crystal cables from the Cary to the Proac is a good match? Or should I look elsewhere for Loudspeakers cable?
Thanks in advance for any comment or information.
I cannot imagine Crystal Cables not working well.. I have a full compliment of Crystal Cables References' from wall outlet to speaker terminals.

I also use a Mirco between my NuForce iCon Desktop Integrated Amp and Benchmark USB DAC.

Suffice it to say, I am a big supporter of Crystal Cables. Of course, you should connect a pair and decide for yourself, but I cannot imagine anything less then excellent results. True, in the end, the sound of them may not be for you...but, they are excellent cables overall and deserve a try...

Good Luck and enjoy the ride!