Crystal Cable - Have you heard or compared them?

I am interested in the relatively new Crystal Cable line for my next interconnect and speaker cables. I heard that it is the wife from one of the designer of Siltech cables that has launched her own line of cables. Since Siltech are among the best cables in the world, these should not be bad.

Does anybody here heard them and those who have to which cables have you compared them and what was the results.

What interest me other than sound is the fact that these cables are really flexible and tiny as I am growing tired of the big black cables.

thank you for your input
Yes, they are light and flexible and I've used their MCH sets for a while. No complaints.

I have tried the Micro and Piccolo in my system. I normally use the Oritek X-2 or CRL Silver ICs from my DAC to preamp. I tried both the Micro and Piccolo and can say that both are very good cables. They are very neutral and let through a lot of detail. I also like the fact that they are well shielded and very flexible cables. Overall I preferred the Micro and have been using this exclusively for the last 2 months or so. I did try the Micro and Piccolo in my system together. I placed the Piccolo between my preamp and amp. While the sound was great, I felt the combo was a little too much of a good thing together. I preferred the RSAD Poemia!!! or CRL Silver between the preamp and amp instead.
Have you compared them to other cables?
I tried a pair of the interconnects and speaker cables last year.

They are well built. I found both to be neutral, transparent, with their strength in the upper mids. I did not like the high end; it reminded me too much of Valhalla. Both lacked bottom end extension. These comments are based on use in a couple systems here when compared to some other well known cables. YMMV

They are not cheap and IMO there are other cables offering more for less. For the money Acoustic Zen, Analysis Plus, and others are better values.

Disclaimer: cable seller
It matters what you enjoy. I have tried Tara (all the way to the ZERO line), cardas, DIY models, WireWorld, etc. and I am all in with the Crystal Line. I am gradually moving to the Ultras, which are VERY expensive. What I love about the Crystal Cable line is that you never tire of their sound like I have noticed with other cables. They are always transparent and neutral and more like live music than any cable that I have heard. They do reveal system limitations though, so the better your equipment, the better the sound. The only non-crystal cable I have (and will keep) in my system is a JPS Aluminata cable for my conditioner that all of my components feed into. The Aluminata smooths out any "rough" spots that seem to be an artifact of digital sources. The Crystals open up the sound to such a degree that I needed the Aluminate power cord as a way to smooth out the sound to make it more lush and pleasant to very long-term listening sessions. Even the JPS Kaptivator is a good choice and much less expensive. I used to have a Kaptivator, but found a way to move up to the Aluminata. The Aluminata is better, but he Kaptivator holds its own and you can sometimes find them used for around $750.
I am using Crystal Cable Connect XLR, 2 x 1 m balanced interconnect and I am really happy with it. I tried it up to now only against several DIY silver interconnects and Crystal outperformed them. Really good piece of (silver) wire. Strong recommendation ...
I'm also interested in knowing what others think of these cables. Since I have a system that is in my living room WAF is rather important. They look very nice, but I really need to know if they deliver the goods against similar priced cables. The Standard line is what I'm looking at. BTW, does anybody have any experience with their power cables?
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There was an article in Stereophile on the founder of Crystal Cable.
It was indeed the wife of the owner (I believe) of Siltech cables,
and she also started the Crystal line of speakers that are VERY expensive, and feature tempered glass enclosures.
Speaking of VERY expensive, this thread is out of my budget, so I will bow out now.
It's evident to me that this group slices their Bologna alittle thicker than I do.
Does anyone know if the crystal cables sound similar to the nordost cables?