Cryoset Tubes Issue

For those who purchase from, pls share your experience.

I recently put an order of 16 cyro-treated and matched EH KT88 for my ASL Hurricane II DT. I turn down the bias and install those tubes, but 8 out of 16 cannot achieve a stable bias. The recommendation is to have a bias of 450 but those 4 can only keep a low 200 bias and if I ever turn up the bias it jump all the way to 600+. I keep them running at low bias for over 8 hours but no improvement.

So I courier 8 of those back to Ron Sheldon of Cyroset and he said they tested fine and he said he will send to the New Senser for testing. I got 8 replacement tubes but at least 1 out of the 8 cannot stabilize again.

Cyroset now do NOT allow me to get it replaced.
You've answered your own question..First ,stay away from Cryoset..( had a similar issue with Tube Depot )and also buy now you probably realize for the price you pay,the cryo tube rage has slowed to a crawl..Cost vs. Value doesn't cut it....Lesson learned......
You are right Thorman!

I am going to stay away from Cryoset because they will not admit it's their tube issue when some of the tubes cannot stabilize. They keep saying it's my amplifier issue and yet only some of their tubes cannot work. Other tubes like Gold Lion and Valve Art works fine in my amp.

They even want me to pay for those used tubes and even they claim they rechecked and they are fine. (just that they cannot be used in certain amplifier) I tell them no because I also spend extra to ship those tubes back. Then they use very bad words in the emails.

I guess I will never try to buy tubes on-line ever again. Such a nightmare when something goes bad and those warranty cannot guarantee anything.
I got different pb from Cryoset.
Goods were meant to be delivered as per post status but then probably stolen.
Cryoset might not be responsible for this but then the communication were very poor with Ron Sheldon.
He was ready to sent express with same cost as normal but nothing more.
I would not recommend to order anything from Cryoset.