Cryoset tube store has closed it's doors (all equipment is being auctioned off)

Sad to say a member of the audio community has fallen ill. And Ron Sheldon of Cryoset has closed the store, and all the things he owned related to audiophilia are being auctioned off. You can still go to his store, however if you attempt to checkout the following message is there: " Sorry, Ron Sheldon of Cryoset is very ill, and won’t be able to complete orders at this time. "
Plus at Audio Asylum for only a brief time a post mentioning all his stuff is being auctioned off and a link. Sadly A.A. decided to remove the post. However I have a copy of it. And I ONLY post this to aid his family and himself in this difficult situation.I know this is most likely totally against any rules here at Audiogon. and I expect it will be removed. But if a few people see it, it was worth it. Everything, tubes, tube testers, endless stuff.. 37 pages..
What a terrible shame!  I have been sourcing almost all my tubes from Ron, enjoying his fine service.  I wish him well!
I hope Ron pulls through, very sad.