Cryomax power cord

I was looking through and the Cryomax seems like a great choice.
I am looking to terminate them with the Furutech plugs from the same site.
Does anyone have any experience with this cord? How is it compared to other budget cords out there?

I have tried this power cord, also used the Furutech connections. First one went on ss amp. Liked this so much reordered another six ft. length and this time terminated in Oyaide silver for tube amp. Good beefy construction with foil shield and a drain wire. Great service and fast shipping. These replaced "stock" cords so have no other comparison.
Thanks 1567mac,
How did it change the sound quality of your system?
I think they have Furutech AG for sell, too.
Not really good at discriptive so .... Just gave a clean and clear sound. Others have told me depends the equipment.