Cryogenically treated cables

There are more and more cable manufactures treating there cables now. Some offer this service for a fair price.
I was thinking of getting all my IC, Speaker and PC treated along with the Power condintioner.
Can anyone give me a before and after sonic description of the cryogenically process.
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"In space no one can eat ice cream, glubby. 👨‍🚀"

Predictable as usual, you may not be correct.


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The truth hurts for some........
Most people to refer. When you don't understand sound, you can not understand audio. Most cables in audio are what we call; emphasis cables. That means that those who created them put the focus on certain frequency response. But....a cable needs to be as linear as possible 

What all emphasis cables have in common is the fact that they all can not reveal all aspects of sound. And this can easily be proven by sound and stage. Even many fuses are emphasis fuses. And again the same limitations will occur as what emphasis cables show by sound and stage.

It is very easy to change sound and even stage by adding or changing a part of an audio system. But......the question is does this changement create an improvement. So you need to be able to reveal and observe all aspects of sound within 1 tenth of a second. As your system needs to be able to reveal all those aspects of sound.

It is the complexity of sound that makes audio so difficult to understand and adjust. But you need to understand all the different aspects which influence sound and stage. As you need to understand in detail what sound is and on which properties it is being founded.

So even before you can judge one part of what you change in your system. You need to describe the full DNA (all aspects it owns and how these different aspects are being carried out) of each part in your system. After that, you need to describe in full detail the influence of the acoustic, electro-smog, magnetism and high-frequency noise on your sound and stage of your system. And it needs to be done independently.

Without this audio is 100% pure gambling. 
What is wrong with your freezer ?