Cryogenically treated cables

There are more and more cable manufactures treating there cables now. Some offer this service for a fair price.
I was thinking of getting all my IC, Speaker and PC treated along with the Power condintioner.
Can anyone give me a before and after sonic description of the cryogenically process.

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"Did you perform a controlled double blind test?"
Would closing both eyes while playing a trumpet qualify as a double blind test?
"Cryogenically treating anything improves its performance. And someone recently posted, even putting cables in the home freezer for 48 hours offers a very noticeable improvement."
As I mentioned in that same thread, freezing works only for ice-cream. All else is imagination of a few people with ice-cream envy.
There are no horses around here, but I will take your suggestion seriously and go out.
"Number 7 or 8 or 9, for me, now? (stolen ideas, patented by others)"
And I thought I was a slow learner.
"Let’s all chip in and cryogenically treat Mr Kait"
Curb your enthusiasm. He may end up staying here longer. Rejuvenated. With more energy. Are you ready for that? I thought so.
Taking days to cool down to whatever temperature in liquid nitrogen seems unexpected, to say the least. At least for things of sizes mentioned above. It may be some counterfeit liquid nitrogen sold on eBay.

One clumsy move with one’s hand while doing it will reveal that getting cold will not take that long. Do not try this at home. Leave it to someone who has done it before for reasons well-established.
Skepticism is a basis for advancement.
Except for the fact that it is me who is the world’s strongest and smartest, other things are correct. I do not have any document about it but it is true. Only pseudo-skeptics would argue this well-known fact.

“It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.”

– Mark Twain

Hold on, geoffkait likes to use that one. He is getting a copyright on all the quotes he can find. Quotes by other people, I mean. His were rejected by the ethics committee.
"Laws are for punishing people who do not fit the societal ideals."
This was supposed to be a joke but apparently nobody picked it up. A good one.
You can PROVE it. Double blind test.

Don't you like that, geoffkait?
"There is a fluid situation on the ground..."
Next time, try Depends.
It is way cooler now.
"Voodoo Cable"
At least they are honest.

"At the molecular level, electrons that make up any electrical pulse jump from one conductive molecule to the next."
Do you accept this?
"Did LIGO use cryo? Bet they did."
I bet they thought of it. As a constant low temperature for whatever reason they thought it would help. Not cooling down and then bringing back to room temperature like Voodoo Cables and all others do.

Cold Fusion (trademarked by Voodoo Cable, it seems) is an interesting name. Cold Bonding, in a way. Some people use that name in more terrestrial applications.

Yes, LIGO does cool things down. Just not in the way these cables are ooled down. LIGO seems to stay cool. Calling LIGO as a reference for benefits of cooling cables down for a short period of time is slightly misplaced.

Pay attention even if you have issues with comprehension. LIGO did consider cooling. Keeping it cool, unlike all the cables. Different things.

You have probably been too busy braking barriers of curent physics, but could you elavorate on my question from this morning?


"At the molecular level, electrons that make up any electrical pulse jump from one conductive molecule to the next."
Do you accept this?
I am a city slicker, I don’t know nothin about peas.
"...the electrical activity in copper when brought back to room temp will not be any better than with no treatment."
Finally! Thank you!

I have been trying to gently imply that warming it up may negate any possible benefit from cooling but to no avail.
"Are all this cable companies that cryo their cables wasting their time and everybody else’s?"
They are spending their time wisely and in a lucrative way. Question of ethics may remain, though.

"Was NASA duped, too?"
Yes, big time, They hired geoffkait.
Twenty years of schoolin’
And they put you on the day shift
That is some shortcut school. When you put more years into school, you can work day and night.
"I wish I could tell you, gentle readers, how many things improve the sound after they’re cryo’d."
I will help you.

It is only one. Ice-cream. And that one is not about sound but overall.
In space, nobody cares about cables from refrigerator.👨‍🚀

"In space no one can eat ice cream, glubby. 👨‍🚀"

Predictable as usual, you may not be correct.


As always, use this piece of knowledge during your next attempt to be witty and funny or at some cocktail party. You know, things insiders from NASA like to talk about.