Cryo valves- any experince?

I us 8 Winged C tubes in my Int Tube amp "LAmayro" (a swedisgh design) and they sound very good. There are now Cryod tubes for sale. Any experince with cryo EL34?
Yah : I tried the Winged "C" EL34 cryo'd quad ( Thor Monos ) and did not care for them at all..At first I thought they were decent but noticed I was missing detail...Quite a bit warmer than the un cryo'd quad..If you need more " Color" they might work but from what I heard its double the cost for nothing..........Some other may disagree but I will stick with stock Winged "C"
Regardless of the sound I think you will find that cyro'd tubes don't hold up as well. There are certain things that can be helped out by the process, but tubes are not one of them.
OK thanks. I will not try cryo.

I am very pleased with the Winged C EL34. Much better that my previous JJ tubes.

Any suggestions of other brand EL34 to test? I am a newbie to tubes and wants to try different options.
I have come to the conclusion that which tube you run is quite dependent on what equipment you run. I have a number of output tubes that I have kept through the years. Keeping the same source and speakers: What was blah in one setup sounded quite good in another setup. I have kept tubes that sounded not so good in everything amp I tried them in, and then one day got a new amp and found those same tubes amazing sounding! That includes 6550, KT88. EL34, and 6L6. So maybe Thorman's one time experience is not a good rule to measure by. I must admit my Cryo experience is also limited, but the opposite.

With exact same output tubes ( in an A/B test ). I found the cryo versions more open sounding, with more detail, than the non-cryo versions. As far as dependability, there I cannot comment as I didn't want to keep spending money on more exspensive cryo tubes. But as with most things in life, advise is good but the best teacher still remains. First hand experience.

Kt 88 Makes a good point..My feedback was based only on the El34 SED cryo quads I purchased..I do use Ei 12ax7 cryo tubes from and I am very happy with them ..But as I mention my feedback to your post was based on only the El34 tubes you were asking about...KT 88 does make a valid point..Not only about Cryo tubes but any tubes,Cables,tweeks etc...All is System Dependent.........