Cryo Treatment

Just wondering does anybody know whats envolved in cryo treated powercords and outlets. Do they just do the wire before the sheilding and xlr or single ended is connected? I know something happens to the single wire when liquid N2 is applied brought down to around -270f. Im just asking because I have access to N2 (work for a welding supply) am thinking of takeing a pair of audioquest viper (spare pair) and dipping them in a dewer of N2 just to see if there is any improvement. Doing this carefully at -270 things get very brittle just a thought what do you think? David
My understanding is that the rate at which you cool the wire is just as important as the temperature. Cryo tanks are carefully controlled to bring them to a low temperature slowly and back. Albert Porter probably knows a lot more about this, as he has gotten a batch of outlets cryoed for many a-goners. I don't think the "flash" freeze will do much good, but I could be wrong.
Rives is correct! The cryo treatment must follow a very strict timetable. If the timetable is followed it will damage the cryo'd item, or will not be effective.
Sorry, I ment to say if the timetable is *not* followed...
objects vary in size, density and shape, therefore "freeze" and thaw at different rates; thus the "timetable" for each type object will be different; i.e. the ramp-down time, dwell time and ramp-up time. The optimum "timetable" for an item must presumably be obtained via trial and error...I wouldn't be surprised if these timetables are kept close to vest by cryo labs...