Cryo Treating Silver Cables?

VH Audio indicates that the cryo treatment of high purity silver cables may degrade SQ. Was thinking about treating two Oyaide DR-510. What has been your experience with cryo treating high purity silver products? Should I cryo, or should I not?
HiFi Tuning has had great success with cryo treated fuses made of pure silver.
I have two cryo treated silver cables -- one USB, one phono pair -- and I think they are very good-sounding. I can't say anything about the purity of the USB cable, made by Audiogoner Acreyes, but the phono cable, from Audio Sensibility in Toronto, is OCC silver FWIW.
Zmanastronomy: It might be more accurate to say that
HiFi Tuning has had great success MARKETING cryo treated fuses made of pure silver.
Acme cryo'd silver fuse holders and cryo'd silver plated wall outlets have been around for a very long time. No mystery here.
Should I cryo the metal plate in my head, even though it is not silver? Any Ideas?
One idea is remove the plate, it might make you a little more "open minded". Worth a shot. :-)
I'm using a cryo'd Oyaide DB-510 (BNC terminations) and I can assure you that it sounds excellent. No problems to report!
This cable was cryo'd by the company (CryoParts) from which I purchased it.
Unfortunately the company no longer exists because of the death of its owner.
I used to cryo all sorts of things. No longer. Synergistic Research's Tesla coil zapping really works, but cyroing IMHO makes everything smooth and dull.