cryo treated tung-sol

Has anyone tried these tubes treated and un-treated? I'm a bit curious if it make a big difference. Or has anyone tried any tube cryo treated and untreated for the matter.
I am now trying a pair of Pearl Cryo ( tube depot ) Svetlana el34. I have also tried the non cryo Svetlana el34 which is the stock tube for my Thor monos.I will say they are a touch sweeter and refined but the amount of improvement is not as much as I thought they would be. I may or may not by another quad set of the cryo el34,due to the increasing cost of the cryo treatment which keeps going up just like the gas prices..
So I guess I would say the improvement for me is minimal...Hope that helps
Yeah...... that helps. Seems like more and more in this audio deal we are paying lots more money for minimal returns :(
KT_88 : Just my gut feeling but if you can find a good "new " quality stock tube that works well with your unit, stick with it.You can save money buy buying cheaper stock tubes and get who knows what, or buy from a person or comapny that test and screens tubes and matches,which cost a bit more but sound great and last.To me the new tubes of today are getting better.There are good deals on NOS,but hard to find and you need to do your homework. Good Luck
I bought a set of Tube Depot cryo'd 5687 Tung-Sols for my Modwright Denon, and they are better, but not by a lot. A little more extended, and the bass is a bit tighter, but that's about it. I might just get the standard T-Ss once these are used up.