Cryo is good for wine, too

Check out this discussion on the Wine Spectator's forum...

Freezing wines

And this!! And taste better?

I know, not really cryo'ing, but interesting nonetheless.
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Cpdunn, you do create interesting threads ;-)

I'll try it next time I have an unfinished bottle and see what happens. Too bad the alcohol would prevent the creation of special popsicles.
Cryoing has lots of applications.

I cryo'ed my dog to try to get it to stop barking. While he doesn't bark anymore, now he just sits there, looking like Jack Nicholson in "The Shining".

Hopefully it will wear off after awhile.

Happy Friday!!!!
I always thought it would be good for my teenager. About 6 or 7 years worth. After which, they discover: "hey, my parents really weren't that stupid."
Thanks, Oz... I'm going to try it, too.

Matty... I thought cryoing your dog might actually improve the sonic signature of his!
Forgive me, but, isn't it—cryoing in your “beer?”

And, wait a minute, I remember ads for Bush beer that...that...haven't heard much about it lately, though, since Halliburton bought it.

Indeed, Matty, how is the PRAT of his bark? While the pooch thaws, I believe you can use him as a rear-reflection sound trap as long as he is not placed near any electrical outlets.

Woof! er! Woof! er!
Vvrinc... that was pretty funny!! :-)
I froze some leftover 2001 Seghesio Old Vine zinfandel last weekend while I was away in Florida. I came back on Monday, pulled out the bottle from the freezer, and let it thaw and warm up until Tuesday evening. I shook it up (just in case there was some separation), and it tasted great!

The only thing is that something precipitated out, so the last part of the last glass was cloudy. I don't know what this precipitate is, but others who have tried this (including one of the editors of Wine Spectator) have noted it. So, "cryo" away!