Cryo EL84 vs non / JJ vs EH

Not familiar with this tube. Using in Scott Mapleshade mod LK 48 for a few years in another system. EH have been in whole time. I know nothing on current production tube, I buy NOS for other system. I've never used cryo tubes but have with other things with good results. My EH lit up a bright red shut it down, need to order next week, I listen to it every day, any option appreciated.

I have a pair of CJ's that use EL34's.  I looked at the options and ordered the Electro Harmonix EL34's, thinking they are the best bet.

I did not see an option for cryo treatment, so I  have no opinion on that.
I have quite a number of used tubes now, I am thinking I might sell them off for a few dollars per pound.  They are used but still work, very handy if you need one in a hurry.
Thank you for the offer but I'm looking for el84, I have plenty xf2's el34, if you have some el84's I would be interested,thanks

In regards to having the tubes cryoed, I purchased 4 NOS Mullard CV4003 tubes from Upscale. I paid extra for 2 tubes to be Cryoed and 2 were not. The cryoed tubes lasted6 months and 7 months, the non cryoed were in the preamp for 2 years and still sounded good. I am thinking the NOS tubes got stressed during the process.
Ever wonder why there is an endless supply of CV4003 tubes ?
Oops, yes, you did say EL84's, I read it as EL34's. 

So, why is there an endless supply of CV4003 tubes?  I don't use them but I am curious.
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