Cryo DH Labs Revelation?

Has anyone done it? If so, what were the sonic improvments?

I have cryoed a number of cables to excellent benefits. Have not done so with my Revelations. You could do try freezing- see Positive Feedback back issues
think I'm going to go for it....
Hate to muck up the waters, but you know how these things go--nothing is simple.

Some people and audio companies will not cryo silver--claims that it actually causes a degradation in sound as opposed to copper and gold where it causes an improvement. So do your research first and maybe try some sort of test?

Just do not want you to (possibly) wind up with a bunch of ICs that do not sound as good as when you sent them in. That would be bad.

Please describe some of the improvements made with the cryo process to cables. I am thinking about it but curious to know if if will over-relax an already smooth cable. Would cryo give a more sparkling life? I think not but would like to hear from one who's done it.

From what I have read so far, cryo will smoothing and relax things making them sound more organic. I have not heard anyone claim that it will actually add sparkle or sheen where needed.


Wider dynamics
Smoother highs
Tighter bass
More organic sound
Improved soundstage
Thank you, Autosports.
I did it and it is AMAZING. It just makes EVERYTHING more detailed, smooth and much better soundstage. Couldn't be happier.
Hi Jtwrace,

Where did you have your cryo done? To what? Cost? Sorry for all these questions.

I had it done through a cryo house that I use for work....I did my interconnect, speaker cable, power cords & tubes. I did it in stages to make sure that I wasn't fooled. Cost was $6ea item.