Cryo a power cord?

I have some MIT Oracle AC3 power cords. 6 ft each. Has anyone experience with cryoing these cables. I find them excellent as is, but curious. Thanks. 
I've had great success cryoing various types of interconnects including power cords and in each case after a ***long*** break-in period  there was definite improvement. I had a conversation with Alan M. Kafton / audio excellence AZ, INC. and we discussed some items you don't want to cryo.
I'm not sure what kind of electronics are inside of the box, but you might contact Alan with that question.
None of mine are and they sound GREAT!!!
Most hi end cables are cryod. They couldn’t compete otherwise. A lot of them don’t advertise it, you know, given how suspicious a lot of audiophiles are. They want to hear the pure sound of the cables. 😛
More bogus pseudoscience for the neurotic and gullible! 
Ooops, beginner’s slope! Newbie Avenew!
I'm not sure cryo classifies as pseudoscience. Seems like real bias at work here.
geoffkait is correct, many major and minor power cord companies might not advertise that theri products are cryogenitically treater (some do) but they are. If the process didn't improve the product, why would they smend the extra expense? Personally, I trust my ears and know what I hear...after a long break-in process.
If cryo was a pseudo science how come NASA uses it? How come LIGO the project that detected gravity waves uses it? How come Ferrari uses it? How come Olympic target shooters use it? He-loo!
Short list of audio companies that routinely employ Cryo.  By the way, this same question came up twenty years ago. Time flies when you’re having fun. 

Purist audio
Jena Labs
Stealth Audio
Audio Sensibility
VH Audio
JW Audio
JPS Audio
Snake River Audio
VooDoo Cable
Ice Age Audio
AudioMinor Headphone Cables
Lakeshore Cryotronics
Reality Cables
Anti Cables
Townshend Audio