Crutchfield's Speaker Compare

Hey everyone, for those in the market for new speakers, Crutchfield now has something called "Speaker compare", in which you can select up to 4 speakers and make sound comparisons online using your computer and a pair of headphones. Although not all the speakers models are available for audition at the moment, a lot are, and I think it’s a great alternative for those (like me) who cannot audition speakers in person. You can compare several songs at the same volume or at the same wattage. I am not associated with Crutchfield at all. I think it’s a great tool and a good start!
Cheers y’all!
Yes, this is similar, but they have a lot of speakers to compare. Also, they do it in a much better way I think. Read how they do it I actually like speaker comparisons online. That's what they're for: to compare some characteristics of speakers. They're not for critical listening. For instance, you can tell how laid back Wharfedale sounds compared to B&W, etc..I prefer than to listening to the opinions of a reviewer. 

This sounds as useful as the speaker demos people post on YouTube!

Which are indeed useful. My Moabs were purchased without audition, and part of my search process involved listening to them on the same YouTube videos you disparage. They sound just as expected from those videos.

Before that I bought a Herron VTPH2A and Koetsu Black Goldline, both also "auditioned" watching useful YouTube videos. Lo and behold, they sound as expected.

A lot more went into selecting those components than just listening to them off my laptop. A lot more. But those YouTube videos are indeed very very useful.

At least, they are useful once you learn to listen.