CRT or LCD or DLP projector ?

Is CRT technology still the way to go for best picture quality?
Crt is still the way to go. If you have light control it. I have spent the last few months looking at different dlp and lcd projectors and televisions. If you just look at some of the dlp and lcd units, you will at first think that they look pretty good. But if you are able to compare them side by side, the crt will blow away most of these projectors. Many look 2D because of the low contrast. CRT still gives you that 3D look. I had made up my mind to buy a Sony VW 10 but recently saw it in the same room as a Pioneer Elite 610. Man with HDTV the Pioneer just handed the Sony it's rear on a platter. But a 400 pound tv is not that appealing either. I am researching crt projectors now.
CRT is still the best, but DLP is improving quickly. Right now, in the over $15k range the CRT wins. As bulldogger points out, the really top CRTs are far superior to DLP. However, DLP has a number of factors, that in my view will likely beat all but the top CRTs in a matter of years. They are light, easy to set up, very bright, and they contrast is getting better quickly (this is where they are currently lacking). I have not seen the mega buck DLPs, but I understand they do give CRT's a challenge (and in some respects are actually better) and this only shows, that in time their price will drop and the quality will improve for the home units.
No doubt the best possible picture at the current time is provided by CRTs but CRTs require a lot of maintenance and the ability to block all ambient light. I am ISF certified and am rebuilding a Runco 980 Ultra (CRT) for my own house.
I will offer no option except that CRT's do have the edge, (I also own the Sony 11HT). The best advice is to go to various dealers, check the prices as to what you can afford and make your own decision.

I will say that setup of CRT's while more complicated is way over blown. If you are a tweaker, you can build a color meter and do a pretty fair job, also some of the other forums out there can help.

Two minor points.

LCD/DLP/DILA - setup very easy but bulb life short (1K to 2K hours on average)

CRT - setup is more complicated, but CRT life in the 10K to 20K range.

Hope this helps.
Thomas Tomczak
how about the picture on these giant single gun barcos. thier is one on audiogon for 5k. retail 85k . does this beat crts?
try to find a used sony g-70 with low hours one the tubes.
you wont be sory.!!!!!
try also to conect it with the dvdo pro.
they works great.
CRT's are still the best .
Regarding the Sony VPH-G70
This comment was made by a technician at the largest used projector store in the UK .
"G70's are expensive even used , I have 2 in stock but both are expensive because we generally have to fit 2 or 3 new tubes. They are very heavy on tubes when used commercially because they are really to bright for there own good. I have one we put 3 tubes in at 1927 hours and one we put 2 tubes in at 3800 hours, that gives you some idea of potential problems with a used G70 that has not been privately owned and used."