CRT front projectors

I own an NEC front projector.I have the service manuel and the service remote.While I concider myself to be a pro installer of my own video room,I can't tweak my own projector.Is there a book to teach me how to do this.I have messed the picture up before and need help.I am tired of hiring someone to calibrate and correct drifting problems.Help,help,help!
One way to do it is to wander into your local shop that carries a varieety of similar projectors, strike up a conversation with a younger fellow who obviously knows his way around your unit and have him come over to 'tune' it for you.

Just agree to the amount of the 'tip' beforehand. Problem solved.
I have a NEC CRT projector as well. Call NEC--they are great. This is one company that knows customer service. I wish every company had customer service like this. I have had more than patient service engineers walk me through a variety of things.
There is a setup manual NEC publishes and it walks you thru the adjustments one-by-one. If you do not have that I am sure NEC will get you (sell you one?) ... Good Luck!
I also have a nec xg751 and It drifts constantly Temp, has alot to do with the drift. what projector do you have?
Try the guys at AVS forum as they have all kinds of knowledge tricks and tweaks for the CRT crowd.
Or you could run head long into this century and get a DLP, LCD or LCOS unit lol.
Some of us prefer hi-rez CRT projectors, just as some prefer tubes over solid state.

The NEC set up/service manual is a great suggestion.
Oh that was just a joke, I know the virtues of CRT and love many of them but size hassle and tweaking isnt practical for many.