Crown SA2 Amp

I recently purchased a Crown SA2 power amp in mint condition. It was a purchase that I always wanted to make when in my youth but couldn't afford back then.

I just wanted to get your personal opinions as to the quality (soundwise and constructionwise) and if there are any other owners of this amp out there with questions or suggestions.

I remember the SA2 but I have never heard one. I used to own the IC150 and DC300a. I don't own them now but I do know that the guy that bought them from me still uses them everyday. That is more than twenty years use and countless moves.
Hello. Ive owned sa-2 and many other crown amps including delta omega 2000 . Was wondering what you paid for it. In that amps time it was great. Consturuction is good the output moduals snap in and out. Amp has power to spare good lowend highs tend to be harsh. I ran these in mono for around 800 a side. The newer crown amps are pretty cool like the xls 602 its cheap ( ebay for 250 ) And has power ouput and control that exceededs your sa-2. The matching preamp for your amp is the dl-2 and eq-2 Eq units. Crown no longer stocks parts for them so be aware. psa2 is the exact amp as your sa-2 without LEDS. Enjoy your Unit! any questions
Hiend2, thanks for all of the info. I paid just under $600.00 for it. It is in mint condition. I basically purchased it to fulfill my desires of the past. Although new amps definitely have greater output, they will not have those memories attatched to them. I'm sure almost anyone on this forum can understand, including yourself.

I find playing with it (watching the LEDs move up and down) greatly entertaining. Thanks for the good wishes.
One of the best sounding Crown amps ever made. Home Entertainment in Houston sold them and Mac. The Crowns ate the Macs lunch. Deeper wider sound stage, just as smooth but more definition. The SA2 did not have the typical dry Crown sound.
I like Crown, especially their new stuff. Crown has been in business for sixty years and who would know more about building quality amps then Crown. I personally own a Crown XLS 1500 Class D switching amp, I'm very impressed with its soundstaging, detail, and it's overall sound in general.
Crown K2 is still ultimate amp champ.
Balanced, gain controls and no fan.