Crown Macro - Tech 2400 etc. ??

Hi,Anybody used these amps in a house hold setting and what did you think of them ,thanks alan
i have not used that particuler amp, but i have a macro reference . i used it mostly on my sub. they are very powerful amps, and on bass they are awsome. i would think that the macro tech would not be as refined as a krell or levinson, but it would have awsome muscle.
I too have a Macro Reference. Been using it at least ten years. When I switched to a biamped system it went on the bottom. Lots of juice. When it was the only amp in the system I enjoyed it greatly. Now that I have added another large solid state amp (X-350) its clear the Crown doesn't have quite the finesse. Regardless, I think its a great amp. I've had people from both Sound Lab and Wisdom Audio tell me they have one and use it as part of their development program.