Crown DC-300a & D-75. R they keeprs?

I've been sitting on these two boat-anchors for years and would like some opinion on them. I cannot find the preamp that was sold with them (don't know the number) back in the wild eighties. Also, what is the power output of the D-75, in layman's terms. Anybody know where I can get that silly little "case" they made for the DC-300a?

Thanks for your time...
The case can be found at ebay. the D75 is like 30 watts per side the dc 300 is 150 a side into 8. they are the first good solid state amp made. They are collectors items. They cannot even come close to comparing to todays amps dont even try. they are still good clean reliable amplification and catch this persons attention EVREY time i see one.
The DC300 was good for powerful deep base albeit without much definition, but a turkey for full range use. The D75 was much better. The DC60 was better still, a real sleeper in its day. The Crown preamp was the IC150 which was also a turkey. As for power the DC300 was 150w/channel. I believe the D75 was 75 w/chan and the D60 was 60 w/chan.
The D150 amp and IC-150 were made to go as a matched pair amp/pre-amp. Both were very good at the time and were rated very highly.They are by no means any match for todays stuff,but are somewhat collectable due to the low cost and help from inflation.So they are actually worth more than there original cost. They were liked very much by musicians because of there small but well built size and bullet proof design that made good stuuf to take on gigs! I still have my D150 amps and JBL200 studio monitors on display..........