Crossovers on B&W Nautilus802

Can anyone give me information on the crossovers B&W uses in this speaker? Are they high quality? Notable characteristics?
They are of good quality. Starting soon, however, B&W is going to use parts from Mundorf, which are recognised to be the best crossover-parts worldwide, for the whole Nautilus-series from 802 upwards. If you want to upgrade now, take a look at; he even has somebody in the US, as far as I remember
Hassel, thank you for the information.

Not to be argumentative, but who recognizes Mundorf to be the best crossover parts worldwide? I checked the website, and they look to be competent. But, as far as being the best, they would need to be superior to the likes of Alpha Core, Audio Note, AuriCap, DynamiCap, Hovland, InfiniCap, Jensen, Mills, MIT, North Creek, Ohmite, RelCap, Sprague, etc. I would tend to be skeptical anyone has ever determined such is the case. Just comparing their coils to Alpha Core or North Creek, I would say the North Americans are easily out front.

But, I have to tip my hat to B&W, if they use the better lines from Mundorf(we'll need to see that is actually the case), it should definitely yield significant benefits
Hello have a point. There are a lot of good ones out there. After some initial listening test. In my room the Mundorf Supremes surpassed the North Creek top of the line Crescendos ..which are incredibly great caps and damn expensive also. It's all subjective though..what works for one might not work for others. I will be suprised myself to see B&W use a top grade cap. My guess is it will still be one of the lower grade Mundorfs to save on cost.
Gmood1, I have never heard of Mundorf prior to this and another thread on Audiogon this weekend. Seems like they are a real player in this field!
No doubt Trelja! I've been checking around. Mundorfs top caps can be found in $150,000 speakers. I'am dying to try the Mundorf Silver PIOs but at $95.00 for one 10uf cap the cost can be catastrophic... if you have a lot of caps in your crossover! That's why you will never see these in a B&W unless someone does a DIY. After living with the Supremes ..I have no doubt they are worth every penny. I will soon start ordering them and work them in till all of the caps are the Silver PIO/Supreme Mundorfs. These caps have a sound that just can't be just have to hear them.