Crossovers - mounting inside box thoughts

I know almost all speakers have the crossover mounted inside the box. Would any rubber Herbie dampeners or anti vibration type compound help in mounting, or does the location per the woofer or something matter more?

How and where is the best way and place to mount the passive crossover???

Happy speaker building!!
B&W puts it in the aluminum base of its flagship 800.
Others epoxy the entire crossover box to prevent vibration between parts. Worst location is behind woofer. Best is that area of box that vibrates least under intense loudness. I assume you're building a box. Put the crossover in a box of 1 inch mdf, lined in & out with heavy rubber u/lay-glued on. Fill w epoxy. Attach with a permanently flexible, non solidifying adhesive like used in soundproofing. Because of size I fexibly mounted mine outside. Enjoy.