Crossovers, Internal or External?

I would be grateful for any opinions and input on this subject in regards to my ML Spire's.

As they are they are excellent, so i'm trying to get my head around the potential benefit of removing both the crossover and internal amplifier circuits and housing them in a matching cabinet.

We all seem to try to isolate our components from vibration, and are aware of the sonic improvements, so fitting/squeezing some fairly large circuit boards into the fairly tiny bass enclosure of the Spire seems odd. I have the following in mind: To remove the rear panel of the Spire, and fit into a separate cabinet designed and made to suit. To remove the amp for the bass unit and the crossover, and mount inside the new cabinet. Extend the cable connections via a new rear plate on the existing cabinet. I would also take this opportunity to fit deflex panelling to the inside as currently there is nothing but a bit of dacron stuffed around the rear of the driver. Also the feet that are fitted would be sealed from the inside.

I know there are some very knowledgeable speaker designers here so any thoughts would be welcome, especially whether it would be worthwhile. The new cabinet would be no difficulty as i am a furniture maker with a decent workshop setup.

Regards to all,
External can have benifits. Maybe this would offer slight sonic benifit on your ML. But probly not much. Plus greatly reduces resale value. And will void any warrenty. The deflex will not be as effective since its for a woofer. Deflex is best for midranges. They did make a subwoofer deflex but as far as I know they no longer offer it. Sealing up the feet might help but bet your binding posts leak air most do and even when sealed or AS cab most manufacters dont seal binding posts. I tested many they all pass air. If yours do I wouldnt bother with sealing spike mounts in cab. If your interested in crossover design etc. Maybe DIY your next loudspeakers since you can build cabs you can save greatly. Lots of kits and info on DIY available.
Thanks John, some helpful points there. It seems odd that leakage is so common? I am planning/designing a pair of speakers also, though i dont expect them to be ready for 6-9 months, and when they are and if it's viable we will do a small run of them, maybe 10 pairs or so. They wont be rectangular boxes though...