Hello, fellow audio junkies I'm in dire need of some info on a crossover ranging for about a grand. I'm gonna be running a three amp setup. Two tubes and one solid state. Thanks
I have a Mirage 3 channel xover that I may be willing to get rid of. It is the LFX-3. Make an offer.
I'd suggest a (used) Bryston 10B, probably around $1200 -- and comes with a 20 yr transferrable warranty (plus it's a great unit!)
Thanks for the info.
I'm using a DBX Driverack as a crossover between my powered sub and main amp. It can be used three way. You can also EQ your entire system if you purchase an omni-directional mic. The Driverack is about $500 new and the mics start at around $40.
Marchand makes a range of solid state and tubed active crossovers (and a passive) in kit or finished products.

A Levinson active crossover is also not to be forgotten but it is pretty old; ie, around 1979.
I second the Marchand, I have the XM-44 very very Transparent.