crossover rebuild/retoration

I am looking for some help in locating a reputable shop to upgrade the original crossovers on my vintage Yamaha NS 1000M speakers. I am the original owner and bought them in 1978. They play just fine but thy have not been used for years and I'm thinking the crossovers can be improved on and maybe better internal wire? I don't know what they used back then. Also modern binding posts. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Allen(aka Mizike)
Mundorf Silvergold EVO oil, the smaller brothers to the huge Supreme silvergold, are STUNNING, Clean, Clear, zero coloration, purity, dynamics, high fidelity,,Need I say more, ck my YT vids on Mundorf caps, 
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Get rid of those cheap capped xovers and have Madisound employ all new M xovers. 

Mundorf --- BLEAH! :)

They add way too much color of their own.  They will transform the sound of the speaker to something else entirely.

Also, notice please that Troels doesn't just swap parts, he's completely re-analyzed the speaker to a much more modern and neutral sounding device.
Madisound is the premier xover designers on the planet, Not sure why you have not heard of Madisound? 
Go with Mundorf silver caps on the tweeter and Mundorf Resistors, the Ultra.

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