Crossover, point-to-point mods

A point-to-point speaker crossover board. Components mounted to fibreboard with a glue gun.

Anyone have tricks for removing the dabs of glue under the components for replacing these parts?

Thinking a soldering iron with a broad, flat tip. Or an Xacto knife.

TIA for any experience.
You may get more help along these lines from the "Tweaks" section at the audio asylum.
Using a soldering gun will probably produce toxic or near toxic fumes. I would simply try using a sturdy scraper with a beveled edge. You can probably wedge the beveled edge up underneat the glue and scrape / pry the part and glue off in one motion. Most of the time, the glue ( actually molten plastic ) is relatively brittle and make break apart in chunks. Sean
You can also go buy a heat gun and use it on the LOW setting. It will soften up the glue so you can use something like a non metal scraper to get the glue off. Then just use lighter fluid and a rag to get the sticky residue off.
I would also suggest heat. Either a heat gun or a hairdryer. Obviously, the hair dryer is less dangerous, and I think would be better for a first timer(or me).

You may also try different solvents to remove the residue. Maybe xylene or mineral spirits(both will work more or less similarly) first. If that doesn't work, try lacquer thinner or acetone, but be careful with them, as they may damage the material. Test a piece first