Crossover Options for JL Audio F110 subs

As a follow up to my previous inquiry on adding a pair of Fathom F110 subs to my Focal 836 mains. My listening room is fairly small at 11x14 and feel to 10" drivers will be fast and adequate for my room. I have come to the conclusion that the only way to achieve the benefits of improved dynamics from my mains and reduced load on my ARC Ref 75 is through the use of a external crossover. The NHT X2 seems interesting with balanced inputs/ high pass low pass variable output but the low price point concerns me. In order to minimize any loss in transparency, should I lean towards higher quality units equipped with 4th order Linkwitz-Riley filters? I am currently considering the Marchand XM9L with interchangeable frequency modules. JL recommends crossover point at 80hz which seems quite high. I would appreciate feedback from anyone that has used the Marchand crossovers and at what frequency setting provided the desirable results. Thanks
In case you hadn't seen it, JL has just introduced its own external crossover, the CR-1. It looks really good.
...wondering if it will work well with subs from other manufacturers. JL subs are out of my price range.
I have already purchased the subs and am aware of the CR1 though the price point is quite high at $3000. The Marchand XM9 with balanced is around $800. Any feedback on all three would be great.
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At different times I've used a Marchand (xm44 IIRC) and an NHT x2. I prefer the NHT which is much quieter. Note: tube devices like the Marchand may vary greatly unit to unit, so I can't generalize and call all Marchands (or even all xm44s) "noisy". But, IME, it's a risk.

BTW, I currently cross in the digital domain with a pre-pro and think it's a better solution than either of the above, even tho it won't ever get the audiophile "Good Housekeeping" stamp of approval.
Correction: My tubed Marchand x-over wasn't an xm44 which is solid state. I just can't recall the model designation, sorry!
i have tried the marchand passive balanced x-over (80hz) with the f110s and i prefer running without an xover in the signal path.

still have the marchand, email me if you'd like to discuss more.
I'm using a First Watt B4 active crossover between by B&W M802s and my JL F112s. Using a 24db/Oct L-R slope. Works well.
The Bryston is also good. I prefer analog crossovers if at all possible (unless you need time alignment, etc that is more suited for DSP).
I have to JL Audio in my system with B&W CM10 GB in the front. No external crossovers are needed. I cross mine over at 80HZ. The higher crossover improves the main speakers efficientcy. I use a McIntosh MC 207 Power Amp
Your F110 sub is a great sub. Spend your extra money on main speaker upgrade. A crossover for your sub is a waste of money. All controls needed for theJL Audio F Series are on the sub.
I too have been interested in the JL Audio crossover. I wonder if it is transparent.

At the present, I run my speakers full range and use the JL Subs crossed over around 60 hz.