crossover design for a sealed MTM

Can someone help me with a design for a crossover for my sealed MTM. I am a novice speaker builder who has gone through an entire roll of solder to try and find the right design using standard crossover formula’s (don’t have and measuring equipment and no LEAP software). The units I am using are Vifa’s TCWG49-08 (Qms:2.62, Qes:0.58, Qts:0.47) and Audax TM 025 F1. The net voulme of my box is about 1.7cft.

After several frustrating attempts at 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th order filters I am currently running a 4th order at about 2000hz which has given me the cleanest sound so far. I Need desperate help to improve the crossover.
Look at Lynn Olson's site. He has a design for a MTM that looks quite interestring.
I Suggest you post your question at the
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Madisound will LEAP you a crossover.
They can also supply you a completed crossover, you just plug in (solder) and play.

Since you cannot measure, and have only a slight clue about what your doing, in my less than humble opinion this would be the best route.

However, once an X/O is LEAP'd you still need to fine tune by ear. i.e., you need a mess of caps, coils and resister to really optimize the unit.

I have LEAP and LAud, so I know of what I speak, but NO I do not have time to do yours.

Another suggestion is Bodozio (sp) Sound Easy, about $200 last I checked. It strikes me that you seem to have an interest in this. Would make a nice investment in your speaker building future. Also LMS/LEAP packages can be had used on the net from time to time, they are not all over the place, for about 1000-1800.

Another option would be the Vidsonics box. You hook up the amp and it has outputs for 2/3 ways, and you just dial in the X/O you want. It's a lot of fun to play with. Has settings for 2-12 pole X/O's. Play with topology until your hearts content. My daughter (15) just optimized speakers I built for her, to HER ears liking. Daddy LEAP'd first and gave her a start point, and then allowed her to adjust topology to what she like. Daddy dis-agrees on choice, but only a little, she came up with a completely different X/O topology all by experimentation.

So those are all idea's for you. And like I said, if you simply want to be done with it. Have Madisound LEAP you and X/O and just build it or have them build it.

Good luck,


Good luck.