Cross breeding of isolation racks

Solidsteel HW-2 audio rack with lets say HRS isostands for 2 ARC  REF160 Mono's and REF6SE preamp, Lumin T3, ROON nucleus and placing these stands on the solidsteel rack.  HRS SRX rack kinda blows my budget.


How crazy is this thought?, solid steel rack cost about 1/3 of the HRS


I bought a Grand Prix Audio Monaco rack that I’m about to implement in my system. The review Inread seemed to says that additional footers under the gear are unnecessary and might actually degrade the SQ some if you try doubling up isolation. How much isolation does the solidsteel rack achieve up front?

I have a VTI steel rack and supplement component isolation with

  • Brass cone feet on every component
  • a granite tile (18" x 15") for the component ti sit on
  • a layer of drawer liner foam between the granite and the shelf
  • sorbothane pads between the shelf and the steel framework
  • I could load the legs of the rack with shot or sand, but it works fine as-is

Works like a dream - have no issues with vibrations

Regards - Steve

I bought a vertical SS rack some 15 years ago. I replaced the supplied selves with John Boos thick cutting boards and specialty audio boards made from violin wood, and tried a wide variety of pucks, cones... to isolate the shelves from the rack. For years I felt that the rack sitting between my speakers was messing with the sound stage. A couple months ago fell into a fantastic deal locally on a DIY table made with 5 x 2 x 2" thick solid maple that I fashioned into a horizontal shelf raised ~ 2ft above the floor. Words like; jaw dropping, magical come to mind. Yesterday I played Patricia Barber Modern Cool, MoFi hybrid SACD, which I have listened to many times on various system tweaks and changes. NEVER has it sounded so there there, and Ive seen her live a couple times

Recently I saw and advert for a multi-shelf horizontal rack made with sold maple for ~ $2100. If you can find a way- buy it