Crosley Turntable...record spins but no music plays

I have a Crosley keepsake turntable that has built in speakers and aux as well. I get sound from the speakers if I connect my phone to it but when I play a vinyl, the vinyl will spin but no sound comes out of the speakers. I can only hear soft music coming from the stylus if I pay close attention.

I replaced my needle thinking it could have been that but it still wont play any sound.

Try checking...

If there's a switch to change from turntable (phono) to your phone input jack.

When you plug in your phone, does that automatically switch out your turntable? If so, the phone jack itself may be jammed (stuck) internally in the aux mode and not releasing when you remove the plug. That just happened with my daughters phone that got stuck in headphones mode.

Are the wires to your cartridge disconnected?

It could be an internal wiring problem, so in the arm or in the box. The faint sound you hear is just the stylus (needle) in the groove playing music. That's normal.