Crosby, Stills & Nash Album Deju Vu

Has this title been released on Audiophile vinyl?
Abusing your hospitality, I suggest you hit the normal version. Don't know if audiophile is out -- in my book, who cares... My normal, eons old, LP sounds magnificent!

I believe MoFi released it, but it has been out of print for a long time and with MoFi out of business, it costs some big bucks to obtain it. I have seen it for sale on Audiophile International for around $200-$250. I think Simply Vinyl also released it, but I have no idea what kind of job they did on it. Simply Vinyl releases vary, some sound good and some do not. Simply Vinyl costs about $25- $30.
the mofi vinyl version of deja vu is one of the best in its catalogue (i have several copies; it's one of the records i use to compare audio equipment). IMO, the japanese pressing (P-10123-A) is also superior to the original atlantic issue.. -cfb
MFSL 1-088 :)
A pretty respectable copy of this album can be found as a Dutch brown vinyl pressing (SD-19118). I think Simply Vinyl attempted this one as one of their earliest releases, but true to their track record (hehe, unintentional pun) it was quickly yanked, presumably due to the fact that it SUCKED. With their recent respectable CS&N re-pressing and several solo releases, Classic seems to be leading up to this one (I hope!)
The very first Deja Vu pressing on Atlantic came with a very DARK Brown cover. In my opinion, "4+20" sounds bigger and better on this than MO-FI, But MO-FI is definitely better than the later lighter brown colored covers....Frank
Classic Records is supposed to release a new audiophile version of Deja Vu sometime in the near future. It was suppose to be out a few months ago but got delayed. As Musicdoc mentioned, Classic has released the first Crosby Stills Nash album. I bought it. The sound is tremendous.