Cronus Magnum II vs Prima Luna Dialogue

Hello, I'm looking at upgrading my integrated amp (currently Rogue Sphinx V2) and am looking at both the Cronus Magnum II and the Prima Luna Dialogue (not HP). Has anyone had the chance to listen to both of these? Impressions of each? How would these perform with my Focal Aria 906s? Obviously listening to them will help but wanted to get others' input as well. I'm playing digital files through an Auralic Altair only at the moment. Will be getting into Vinyl in the next year or two.

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Are you referring to the Dialogue "Premium" that is EL34 based?  If so, I would recommend the PL hands down. I have one and love everything about it. I like Rogue and just sold a Tempest II but the PL beats it in overall sound quality, punch, etc...I do think either integrated would sound nice with the Focal.  What is the efficiency of the Focal? The good part about the PL is it can take various types of powertubes from EL34 and its variants up to the KT150.
Hi samzx12, yes I'm referring to the Dialogue Premium. Do you have the HP version with 8 output tubes? Or just the 4? The Focal spec sheet shows 89.5 db efficiency.
I have the Premium (non HP) and it pushes my Tyler Acoustics Highland series speakers very well. They are about as efficient as yours.