Cronus Mag 2 v. Line Magnetic 501 IA

Both amps have apx 100WPC.  The Line Mag is more expensive.  Is there a difference in Sound Quality between these two outstanding amplifiers?
I'll give you a comment about Line Magnetic though it is based upon the 518IA set integrated, replacing the non-power tubes with NOS tubes takes the sound of the amp to a whole different level
I have a bit if experience with the LM 518IA, and extensive  experience with the CM2.  I like both amps, I do not know how much improvement I would get with a LM 501 IA.


The CM II sounds worlds better with 5 NOS small signal tubes- e.g. RCA, Amperex, Sylvania.  
Thanks avanti.   Do you have a favorite for the signal tubes.