Croft precession 1 or Rogue Magnum 99 ?

Has anyone have had the opportunity to compare this two, which one would be a better choice for listening to hard rock .
I've had a Metis. Lower line but same blood. It rocked! I've heard that about Rogue's in general. I would think the 99 would be even better.
I own a Rogue Magnum 99 and love it. I have very eclectic musical tastes and find the 99 sounds great regardless of musical genre. Everything from 80's to classic rock, to industrial and electronic sounds great through Rogue gear. Other music types more commonly associated with the audiophile tastes, such as female vocals, jazz, etc...are also reproduced with a high level of realism and excitement. The 99 does a fine job resolving low level detail, produces excellent bass, authoratative, accurate and resolving.