Critique my media server setup!

I'm embracing the reality that the future is now, and I'm looking to move away from CDs to a media server streaming to my system. I have the server hardware all set (a computer), and for software I'm looking at Universal Media Server with a phone app for remote control.

Where I'm stuck is with the selection of a wireless-capable DAC that will interface with UMS and then of course connect to my amp. What are y'alls thoughts on what's out there? My initial searches haven't resulted in anything super exciting.

easy low buck solution is to plug an Apple TV3 ($40 refurb w/warranty & support) into a DAC if your phone is an iPhone, iPad or Mac computer

iTunes is free and the system gives good control functionality for multiple rooms

rip your CDs using Apple Lossless of other non-lossy schema
The Oppo Sonica ($800) might work.  Just verify the UMS compatibility.  Also, note that the Sonica does not currently support gapless playback from all sources.

Another idea would be the Bluesound Node2 ($500), provided it can work with UMS servers.