Cremora Ms compared to Liutos

I asked this months ago and got no response. Has anyone been able to compare the Sonus Faber Cremora Ms to their Liutos? The deal goes off both March 31 and I have to make a buying decision in the next few days. I have heard both, but seperately. Even on special there is quite a difference in price. Any comparisons or even experiences with either speaker would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
Personaly, I prefer the Cremona Ms over the Luitos. I felt the Luitos bass was not as precise although it sounded a bit deeper. The Cremnonas have the better tweeter and also the sound of the midrange wwas smoother to me. I ended up pruchasing the Auditor Ms becuase i felt the soundstage was wider with the monitors. I use a REL B1 with them.