Cremona or Helicon 800 ???

I have auditioned both the Cremonas and the Helicon 800s several times, although never together. At each audition, I felt "that's the one." Can anyone offer a comparison? (I intend to pair them with Primaluna 7 monoblocks.)

Appreciate any opinions.

dali is sort of an anomally, in that they do not have a strong 'family' resemblence from one of their lines to the next. they make some very fine looking speakers, and the helicon series sounds really nice, the cremonia is the old school classic here. a bit darker and laid back (than the 800), i would still advise playing lots of non audiophile tunes on each...this is where the real differences (and each speakers long term character) will come to light.
Cermona. Its as no brainer.....IMO, it would be anyway.
Have heard both many times

I would pick Cremona hands down